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5 Reasons To Get Life Insurance Now

Jake Bronstein

There’s never been a better day than today to get life insurance checked off your list. Here are 5 great reasons why.

1. There are people depending on you.

As long as there are people depending on you, it’s important to make a plan for them financially in case something were to happen to you. Life insurance should be an important part of the plan. Putting it off isn't helping anyone.

2. It’s better to buy when you’re healthy.

As you get older, your risk of dying increases. As a result, the cost of the term life insurance plans available to you will go up. Feeling healthy? Perfect. Now is a great time to buy.

3. Technology makes it easier than ever.

Getting a life insurance policy used to mean meetings with agents, going back and forth over pricing and paperwork, and waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. Then we launched Fabric. The prices are posted. The quotes are instant. The plans are clear. Best of all, Fabric Instant can be purchased in about 2 minutes starting at just $6/mo for $100,000 in coverage.

4. You wouldn’t want to fall behind.

Odds are if you’re a parent who’s putting off getting life insurance, you’re comforted thinking your friends are in the same boat. But just because your friends haven’t told you they got a policy doesn’t mean they didn’t get it taken care of. Ask someone you trust. Better yet, get life insurance now, tell a friend, and break the cycle of silence once and for all!

5. It feels great.

Being a great parent starts with checking off the basics. You know the relief you feel when you take care of a lingering chore? That’s the feeling that most of our customers report after discovering how easy we make checking life insurance off the list.

Ready to check life insurance off your list? See how easy Fabric makes it. Plans start at $6/mo. Coverage starts in about 2 minutes.

Jake Bronstein

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