Editorial Standards

Fabric exists to help families master their money. While we offer financial products such as life insurance and wills, our articles always abide by strict editorial standards.

We promise to provide you fair, unbiased stories that reflect our core values of compassion, joy and exploration. That means we avoid conflicts of interest, and we’ll always be upfront if we have financial skin in the game.

We promise to base our articles on trusted, third-party research and our own expertise, and to always provide you with the best, most meaningful insights—even if doing so works against our own bottom line.

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Our Mission

Fabric is where parents come to start their families' financial lives. Fabric makes life insurance easy and offers a fleet of simple tools to help people stop procrastinating and start tackling their must-do lists. With Fabric's app, parents can buy modern, affordable life insurance, create a free will and organize their family's important financial information.

What kinds of sources do we use?

We always strive to make our articles as comprehensive as we can, which means tapping into the insights of experts, data and outside sources. Here’s how we approach our citations:

  • In-house thought leadership: Our team includes top insurance experts who lend their insights to our articles, FAQs and other items that we write. Even when we don’t quote them in a given story, these experts are always on hand to help fact check and answer our questions to ensure that we’re publishing high quality content. This includes licensed life insurance agents who work for Fabric and always have important guidance to share.

  • Outside experts: We always seek out the most qualified person for each topic. So whether that’s a life insurance underwriter, agent, lawyer, accountant, financial planner or some other professional, we do the legwork to speak to those who can best inform each article.

  • Reputable studies and data: This could include surveys from groups like Life Happens, a reputable industry nonprofit, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Insurance Information Institute (III), and Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) and more. We also look to well-respected surveys to understand the broader landscape of our culture and financial landscape, including Pew Research, Harris Poll and more.

  • Government data: Particularly when examining trends in society, we often look to information from arms of the government such as the Census Bureau to inform and elevate our writing—and our understanding of the country.

Whenever we can, we link or cite our sources so you can tell where we’re getting our information.

About Fabric

Fabric by Gerber Life offers life insurance policies issued by Western-Southern Life Assurance Company, a Western & Southern company (with a heritage dating back to 1888), rated "A+" ("Superior") for financial strength by A.M. Best. Learn more about Fabric and download the app at

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