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If you’re thinking about how to protect your family, your first step is to get a term life insurance quote. The cost of a policy typically increases with your age, so it makes sense to apply sooner to land the lowest price. You might be surprised by how affordable it can be to safeguard your family’s future.

Your free quote is just clicks away


Your free quote is just clicks away

Fabric’s affordable life insurance is ideal for families with young children, but anyone can benefit.

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Build a life insurance plan that fits your family’s plans.


$100,000 - $5,000,000

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Based on 25 year-old female with $100k in coverage

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10 - 30 yrs

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What can you get for $1 a day?

Here’s the coverage $1 a day can provide.

Pricing shown here is as of 08/04/22 for a 10 year term and based on a 30-year-old, 170 lb, 5’4”, non-smoker female in TX in excellent health.

Pricing shown here is as of 08/04/22 for a 10 year term and based on a 30-year-old, 170 lb, 5’4”, non-smoker female in TX in excellent health.

You have questions. We have answers.

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What is life insurance?

Life insurance is an agreement that, in the event of your passing, an insurer will provide a previously agreed-upon amount of money to help your loved ones stay on their feet. Here's how.


What does life insurance cover?

Your family can use the money for anything, like tuition, final expenses and paying off debt. For example, could they keep up with mortgage payments without you? Apply now.


How much coverage do I need?

Experts generally recommend at least 5x your salary. Consider your outstanding debts and future goals, like your kids’ college education. Learn more here.

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The baby with baloons

Knowledge is power. Let’s get powerful.

Here are the answers to some of the questions our customers ask most frequently. Remember: If you want to know something that’s not addressed here, you can always reach out to our team!

Who needs life insurance?

“Easy online platform made creating a will simple and easy. Highly recommend!”

Johnathan C.


“The application and review process were simple, user-friendly and straightforward.”

Serena M.

What should I know about life insurance if I’m...

Currently pregnant?

The life insurance application takes your health situation into consideration. This plays a role in whether the underwriters can offer you coverage and at what price, so it makes sense that many pregnant women are nervous about applying using “facts” about a body that’s in constant flux.

Here’s the good news: If you’re having a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, you may be able to get life insurance at the same rate as if you weren’t pregnant.

Underwriters look at thousands of life insurance applications, so they understand that it’s normal to gain weight when you’re expecting. List your current weight when you apply, and consider also noting your pre-pregnancy weight for context.

The scoop on applying while pregnant

A stay-at-home parent?

You might hear that life insurance is designed to replace a person’s income when others rely on them financially. This is true... sort of. It’d probably be more correct to say that it covers the monetary value you contribute, which doesn’t always come in the form of a paycheck.

If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you’re probably also a teacher, driver, housekeeper, chef, project manager and about 25 other jobs. Think about what it would cost for the working parent to pay for someone else to do those tasks - or the professional toll it’d take if they needed to step back at work.

If both you and your working spouse are planning to apply for life insurance at the same time, the working spouse should generally submit their application first.

What else you should know if you’re a SAHP

Transgender and/or nonbinary?

Until the broader industry refines its processes of working with applicants across the gender spectrum, it can take a little extra thought to fill out an application if your gender identity does not align with your sex assigned at birth.

That’s because you’ll be asked to indicate your gender or sex on the life insurance application. Most life insurance companies have only male and female to choose from on their forms, especially if their policies were filed with the government a long time ago.

Typically, life insurance issuers are most concerned with sex assigned at birth because underwriters are trying to calculate the likelihood of you dying, which is statistically correlated with your assigned sex at birth.

Applying for insurance if you’re transgender and/or nonbinary

How to get life insurance with Fabric by Gerber Life


Get a quote

Put in your age, sex, state, tobacco usage and general health for an estimate of how much term life insurance could cost you. Consider this your guesstimate. Try playing with factors like your coverage amount and term length to find a policy that would fit your monthly budget.


Apply for term life insurance

For a verified price, fill out a 10-minute application. That way, the underwriters can provide a clearer number based on your real-world details. With Fabric, you can do this online or through our mobile app.


Personalize your offer

If you’re approved for coverage, think about whether the monthly premium fits your budget and your life. If you decide you need a different term length - or a less expensive policy - change your coverage or term length until you find the one that fits juuust right.

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