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Make a legal will & get organized

We’ve helped tens of thousands of families make a last will and testament in about 5 minutes.* And it’s free.

Make Your Will

“[Fabric has] made the process of creating a will simple and user-friendly.”

What’s included in a Fabric Will?

The Will

Designate legal guardians for your kids, beneficiaries for your assets and executors for your will.

The Checklist

We’ll show you how to make your will legally binding, in just minutes.

Final Arrangements

What final rites do you want? What kind of ceremony? Make your wishes known.

Your Team

Grant access to your will to chosen loved ones, and even create a will for your spouse.

Families love Fabric Wills

“QUICK, EASY, SIMPLICITY! Great and easy way of getting a small will together as a newlywed with a small child! You never know when you may need this, so thank you, Fabric Wills!”

Make Your Will

Why should I get a will from Fabric?

Fabric Wills helps you designate legal guardians, name beneficiaries and state your wishes for your last rites. And we show you how to make it all legally binding!

Your roadmap

The first step in your family’s financial journey

Through working with tens of thousands of families like yours, we believe the right place to start is by creating a will. From there, we can help you apply for term life insurance to help protect your family.

Start Your Will Today
This is the real deal

Fabric Wills has been created by legal experts

We worked with legal experts to create an easy-to-use online will, with understandable language. (Everyone’s situation is different, so you’ll want to speak to an attorney if you have questions about your specific needs.)

Get a Will Now


Wills written through Fabric each month

All the steps

That are required to help you make it legally binding


Unnecessary jargon as you’re filling it out


Customers who share their will with their spouse

The price is right

A will from Fabric is completely free

We made our will totally free because we believe it’s the first step on a journey toward financial security—and that every family deserves to take that step.

Get It Done


Why should I have a last will and testament?

Why do I need to appoint a guardian for my children?

You say I can make a will for my spouse. What does that involve?

Every family deserves a secure financial future.

* The purchase of insurance is not required to make your will using the Fabric Wills Kit. Fabric isn’t a law firm and we aren’t licensed to practice law or to provide any legal advice. If you do need legal advice for your specific situation, you should consult with a licensed attorney and/or tax professional.

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