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Jessica Sillers is a finance, insurance and parenting writer. In addition to helping families navigate insurance, wills, and college savings at Fabric, Jessica's work has also appeared on, Business Insider, Pregnancy & Newborn magazine, and many other publications. When she's not writing, Jessica enjoys reading and relaxing with her husband and two children in Washington, D.C.

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Life insurance

6 Reasons We’re Grateful for Life Insurance

Life insurance helps cover many parts of our life that we’re grateful for. Wishing you a Thanksgiving season of plenty, and peace of mind

By Jessica Sillers
Life insurance

3 Reasons I’m Grateful I Have Life Insurance

My journey to learning what life insurance can really cover, and why I’m grateful I have it to help protect my family.

By Jessica Sillers
Saving/Investing for Kids

UGMA 101: A Parent's Guide to Custodial Accounts

UGMA accounts are custodial accounts you can use to save money or build investments for your child. Learn UGMA limits and advantages to see how this could fit into your savings plans.

By Jessica Sillers
Saving/Investing for Kids

UGMA vs. 529: What's the Difference, and Which Should I Use?

UGMAs and 529 accounts can both help parents save for their kids’ future. Learn the plans’ advantages and differences to choose your best option.

By Jessica Sillers
Saving/Investing for Kids

UGMA, UTMA, 529 and More: What’s the Best Option to Save for College?

You can save for college in various accounts, including 529 plans and UGMA or UTMA accounts. Saving in a combination of plans can give you more flexibility.

By Jessica Sillers
Saving/Investing for Kids

Private School, Tutoring and More: Non-College Education Costs and How to Pay for Them

If your child needs a new school, more support or enrichment, how do you pay for education opportunities? How to know when a 529 plan or UGMA account can help.

By Jessica Sillers
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