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Wills & Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t something people talk about. That’s why on this page, it’s all we talk about.

Wills & Estate Planning

Different Types of Power of Attorney (and Who Needs Them)

Power of attorney can be helpful if ever you were to become incapacitated, to help account for your financial and medical wellbeing.

By Jessica Sillers
Wills & Estate Planning

10 Reasons You (Think You) Don't Need a Will

Here are the top reasons people convince themselves they don’t need a will . . . and what you should really know. Find out now.

By Allison Kade
Wills & Estate Planning

Announcing Fabric Vault, a Free and Essential Financial Security Product for Parents

Fabric is launching a revolutionary and free new financial security product for couples and parents, called Fabric Vault.

By Adam Erlebacher
Wills & Estate Planning

Life Insurance and Funeral Expenses: Everything You Should Know

But preparing for your funeral expenses could be one of the last gifts you leave your loved ones. Here are some of your top options.

By Jessica Sillers
Wills & Estate Planning

Americans Are Making Wills in Newer Ways Than Ever Before

Millennials are shaking up society in lots of ways. One of the last frontiers? Writing a will. Learn how Americans are making wills online.

By Allison Kade
Wills & Estate Planning

Leaving a Legacy: Passing Down Moral Ethics

You know how a will passes down your material belongings? An ethical will conveys the values you hope to pass down. Here's how to write one!

By Rachael Rifkin
Wills & Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets

What would happen to your digital assets if you passed away? Here’s a guide to digital estate planning, from banking logins to Facebook memorial pages.

By Beth Braverman
Wills & Estate Planning

How to Talk to Your Parents About Their End-of-Life Wishes

If you don't discuss your elderly relatives' estate planning, you might be left with confusion and bickering. Here's how to start the convo.

By Anna Davies
Wills & Estate Planning

Do I Really Need a Will?

If you don’t have any dependents, own property, or have substantive savings, do you still need a will? Here are 6 factors to consider.

By Anna Davies
Wills & Estate Planning

Picking a Guardian for Your Child: The 5 Questions to Ask

Check out these questions to consider when choosing a guardian for your child in your will. This is important, so get it right!

By Anna Davies



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