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Author bio headshot, Mariko Zapf

Mariko Zapf

Mariko Zapf is a Brooklyn-based writer with a passion for parenting and healthy living. Her byline has appeared in Woman's Day, Runner's World, Organic Life and Yahoo, among others.

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Work, Life, Balanced

How to Tackle Your Kids' Morning Routine

Morning routines and getting kids ready for the day can be crazy-making. Here are essential tips and tricks for cutting down on chaos.

By Mariko Zapf
Work, Life, Balanced

How to Talk to Kids About Money

It's our job to teach our kids the necessary life skills to manage money. Here are six steps for helping your kids become financially responsible.

By Mariko Zapf
Work, Life, Balanced

5 New Year's Resolutions for Families

As a parent, I couldn’t wait for my children to be old enough to enjoy New Year’s resolutions, but I wasn’t sure at first how to make that happen.

By Mariko Zapf
Work, Life, Balanced

Keeping Kids Busy at Home

At the end of the year, kids can get restless, right as the weather is getting cooler. So it's more important than ever to keep them busy at home!

By Mariko Zapf
Work, Life, Balanced

How Many Holiday Presents Should You Give a Child?

There’s nothing more joyous than watching children open gifts during the holidays — but is there such a thing as too many presents?

By Mariko Zapf
Work, Life, Balanced

7 Essential Tips for Traveling With Kids

Expert tips and tricks on how to travel with your children and avoid meltdowns, including the best toys and games to pack to keep them busy.

By Mariko Zapf

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