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At Fabric, the answer is always yes.

Apply and get life insurance in just minutes. Guaranteed.

At Fabric, the answer is always yes.

Apply and get life insurance in just minutes. Guaranteed.

Life insurance that’s made for you—guaranteed

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Designed for seniors

If you’re between 50 and 80 years old, you’re eligible for life insurance coverage that’s tailor-made for seniors.

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No labs, no worries

Everyone who applies is guaranteed coverage, even if you’ve been denied before or have a high-risk condition. No lab tests to take or hoops to jump through.

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Quick and easy

You can be insured in just minutes. That means the peace of mind of being covered is just a few clicks away. Don’t wait—apply today!

Backed by 174 years of insurance know-how.

Fabric offers policies issued by Vantis Life, a Penn Mutual company (est 1847). Penn Mutual is the second-oldest mutual life insurance company in America and wholly owns Vantis Life, which is currently rated “A+” (“Superior”) for financial strength by A.M. Best.

Vantis Life
A+ Rated

Why do seniors need life insurance?

Seniors have different uses for life insurance than younger folks who are often supporting children or paying down mortgages.

Medical care

If you fall ill or otherwise need care toward the end of your life, it can be incredibly difficult for your loved ones — both emotionally and financially. The cushion of a life insurance benefit can help relieve the burden.

Replacing income

If your pension ends when you pass away and your spouse relies on that income for their daily expenses, life insurance can help fill that financial gap once you’re gone.

Estate taxes

If you have a large estate, your heirs may end up on the hook for estate taxes. Especially if the assets aren’t liquid, like real estate, this can be a big burden. A life insurance benefit can help them pay that tax without selling the property.

Funding an inheritance

If you want to give your loved ones an additional inheritance beyond the assets you’ll leave behind when you pass away, life insurance is a way to do that. You can also use life insurance to leave behind additional funds to charity that you couldn’t have otherwise.

Debt repayment

If you have credit card debt, loans or a mortgage, the assets of your estate will go toward paying off those debts. If you had joint debt with a spouse or other loved one, they will be responsible for that debt. Your loved ones can use money from a life insurance benefit to pay back debt and preserve your other assets.

Final expenses

A life insurance benefit gives your loved ones the money they need to pay for your final expenses, including a funeral, a burial or cremation, and more. Knowing these expenses are paid for can make a difficult time a bit easier.

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So how do you get life insurance as a senior?


Understand your life insurance goals

Examine your financial situation and figure out how much you need to fund your final expenses, debt repayment, income replacement and anything else your loved ones will need.


Consult with a financial advisor

Your goals for the money will help you determine the right benefit amount for your situation.


Decide on a coverage amount

If you're unsure about your needs, you might choose to speak to an expert for guidance about how life insurance fits into your estate plan.


Choose a beneficiary

This may be your spouse or a child, or whoever you want to receive the money when you pass away.


Get approved automatically

This is the easy part. Fabric’s life insurance for seniors provides coverage regardless of age, health or other factors (with a few exceptions).


Make your first payment

Once you pay your first monthly premium, your policy is active.


You’re covered

Rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be financially supported after you’re gone.

Thinking about life insurance options by age

Your life insurance needs change as you grow older. Here’s an idea of why you may need life insurance as a senior, depending on your age.

Life insurance when you’re in your 60s

When you hit your 60s, your children are likely out of the house and living on their own, financially independent from you. College expenses are probably in the rearview mirror. But every situation is different, and you or your spouse may still be working to support yourselves or others.


“Kim is 61, and she and her husband both still work full time to support themselves. Kim wants to buy life insurance to replace her income if she passes away so she doesn’t leave her husband financially strapped.”

Life insurance when you’re in your 70s

In your 70s, you are likely living off your retirement savings, Social Security or a combination of both. If you don’t deplete your savings before you pass away, that money will go to your beneficiaries. But there are other reasons you may need life insurance.


“Tomas is 73, and although he is partially living off retirement savings, he makes additional income through consulting. In addition to supporting himself, Tomas covers expenses for his elderly mother and sends some money to the youngest of his adult children. He wants to buy life insurance so he can make sure his loved ones are taken care of when he’s gone.”

Life insurance when you’re in your 80s

In your 80s, you may have paid off your mortgage and likely aren’t supporting your children or parents anymore. That means you may need less coverage than you did when you were younger.


“Elaine is 80, and she and her wife are fully retired and living on their retirement savings and Social Security. Elaine is the older partner and has a few health issues, and she wants to make sure that when she passes away, her wife isn’t burdened with the cost of her final expenses. Life insurance can ensure that funeral costs aren’t a burden after she’s gone.”

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How much life insurance do I need?

Figure out how much coverage you’ll need, particularly for your final expenses.

Medical care

Take a look at your current medical bills and estimate what you might owe when you pass away. Choose a life insurance policy with a death benefit that covers that amount.

Replacing income

Figure out how much of your income goes to supporting your loved ones, then multiply that amount by the number of years you want to replace your income. If you're retired, you may not have any income to replace, or this could be equivalent to a pension amount.

Estate taxes

If you have an estate worth more than $11.7 million that will go to your children when you pass away, they may owe between 18% and 40% in estate taxes on the assets (plus more at the state level). An accountant can help you figure out the estate tax that will be due, and you can buy a policy with a death benefit that will help cover it.

Debt repayment

Choose a policy with a death benefit that covers your outstanding balance to prevent your assets from being liquidated to cover the debt.

Final expenses

If you want a traditional funeral ceremony and burial, and want to make sure your family has the funds to cover it, you might purchase life insurance with at least a $10,000 death benefit. Traditional ceremonies often cost nearly that much, though the cost can vary widely by region.

How much does whole life insurance for seniors cost?

These are example rates, as final prices will depend on a person’s individual situation, and pricing can vary by state.

Coverage Amounts

60 y.o. woman

70 y.o. woman

80 y.o. woman













Coverage Amounts

60 y.o. man

70 y.o. man

80 y.o. man













Frequently asked questions

What is guaranteed life insurance?

Guaranteed life insurance, also known as guaranteed-issue life insurance, is a life insurance option for people who may have issues qualifying for other types of life insurance due to age or health. The benefit amounts are lower than other types of life insurance, but applying for guaranteed life insurance is much quicker and simpler, since your approval is automatic.

Do I need a medical exam?

Guaranteed coverage is just a click away

Policy availability, terms, conditions, age and issue limitations may vary by state. This product is not available in NY, WA, MT or CA. All guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claim paying ability of the issuing company. Policies are issued by Vantis Life Insurance Company, Windsor, CT.

Vantis Life does not accept applications for a proposed insured: a) with dementia that renders that individual unable to perform the common activities of daily living without regular assistance of others; b) that is currently admitted to or resides in a hospital, hospice, or skilled nursing facility; c) with Power of Attorney or court authorized guardianship currently in effect on their behalf.

A complete statement of coverage is only found in policy. In the first and second year of the policy, the death benefit is limited to return of premiums (unless death is accidental). If death is accidental, full benefits would be payable.

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