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Announcing Fabric Wills

By Adam ErlebacherOct 11, 2017

I am excited to announce today that we are launching Fabric Wills, a free online service for creating a personalized will to help protect your family.

After learning that 3 in 5 Americans don’t have a will1 - millions of people - we saw an urgent need to provide an easy way for parents to make one. Many people may think they don't need a will when they would actually benefit from one.

Without a will, a court may designate your child's guardian, and decide who receives your property and financial assets. In other words, things may not go as you would have liked. As the father of two young children, this is a scary thought for me.

We knew that an effective solution was possible, so we decided to create a wills product that is simple, compassionate, and completely free.

From selecting guardians for your children, to helping you start conversations with those who need to know about your will, we’ve worked hard to offer you an experience that is quick, easy, and human. The process of completing your will should take about 5 minutes, and from there we show you the steps to make it legally binding.

Here’s how it works:

Fabric Wills walks you through how to complete your will, and creates a personalized Fabric Will Kit that includes:

  • The Will: Designate guardians, beneficiaries, bequests, and executors.

  • The Checklist: Make your will a legally binding document.

  • Final Arrangements: Ensure that those around you understand your wishes for your ceremony.

  • Messages: Start conversations with those who need to know about your will with these tips.

We’re on a mission to help bring financial security to 1 million American families, and that means helping make sure families are taken care of no matter what. We hope this service is useful to you and your family! Get your Fabric Will now.

Wondering how to make a will for free to help protect your family? Fabric has the answer. Get started now.

1: DiUlio, N. (2017, August 16), More Than Half of American Adults Don't Have a Will, 2017 Survey Shows. Retrieved from

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Written by

Adam Erlebacher

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