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Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance in California: Fabric’s Got You Covered

By Fabric Mar 12, 2021

Residents of California have something new to get excited about. For the first time, they’re eligible to apply for life insurance through Fabric. 

That means all the benefits of applying for term life insurance through Fabric—a simple streamlined application, the possibility of getting an offer in under 10 minutes and a policy that’s always accessible in the Fabric app—are now available for 40 million more people.

California Life Insurance: Streamlined, Online Application 

Finally, California joins the 48 other states and municipalities that have access to Fabric’s online term life insurance application (sorry, New York and Montana, we hope to see you soon). 

With Fabric, you don’t need to speak to an agent on the phone or meet in person just to fill out your insurance application. You can do it all online or from our app. The application has several parts:

  • Your age, sex and state

  • Questions about your lifestyle

  • Questions about your health

  • Questions about your work situation

  • Questions to confirm your identity

  • The beneficiaries you’d like to choose

Find out more about the details of what’ll be asked on your application for life insurance in California (and elsewhere).

You Could Be Approved Immediately

Many people who apply for term life insurance through Fabric could be approved on the spot and able to begin coverage instantly. Our advanced algorithms help determine which applicants may qualify for this kind of approval. 

Even if we can’t make you an offer right away, we’ll send your application to our human underwriters to see if they can approve you without a medical exam. If you do need a life insurance health exam after all, we make it easy by sending a qualified medical professional to your home or business for free, around your schedule (yes, nights and weekends too). 

Here’s more on how the underwriting process works.

California Gets More Than Just Life Insurance

Fabric is consistently pushing the limits of not only where its products are available, but of the ways it can make it easier for people to keep their families safe. That’s why Fabric also offers a mobile app that’s a one-stop shop for family finances, along with a free online will maker

It’s time to plan like a parent—with Fabric.

Fabric exists to help young families master their money. Our articles abide by strict editorial standards. This article has been reviewed and approved by a compliance professional who is a licensed life insurance agent.

This material is designed to provide general information on the subjects covered. It is not, however, intended to provide specific financial advice or to serve as the basis for any decisions. Fabric Insurance Agency, LLC offers a mobile experience for people on-the-go who want a easy and fast way to purchase life insurance.

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