Fabric Was Built To Help You Avoid Insurance Agents

Jake Bronstein

Getting covered with Fabric doesn’t require talking to an agent. Here are 3 important reasons we built it that way.

1 - We have the technology. It’s time life insurance came out of the stone-age.

Back in your grandpappy’s day, talking to someone might have saved time. These days, not so much. You google things, you don’t dial 411 (even as an example, this analogy sounds antiquated).

But doesn’t working with an agent save you money? Er, no. Not necessarily. Comparing prices does though, which is why we make ours easy to find.

2 - Agents are first and foremost salespeople, not friends.

Imagine if, when it came time to buy a car, we all walked onto a car lot and said, “I don’t know anything about cars, but I probably should buy one. Which car do you think is best for me?” A lot more of us would probably be driving Cadillacs!

Unfortunately, that can be what happens with life insurance agents. While they are required to offer you products that are suitable for your individual situation, this doesn’t always mean that they will be the most economical options available. In the end, life insurance agents are salespeople incentivized through commissions.

3 - Adding people to the process adds cost.

There’s a reason why bellhops hold their hands out for tips. Human interaction isn’t cheap. One way or another, all of these costs are passed on to you. Sometimes you’d probably prefer to carry your own bags.

Granted, there are times when all of us could use a hand. In fact, in some specific instances talking to an agent can be an advantage. Licensed Fabric agents are available should you need one.

With or without an agent, now is the perfect time to check life insurance off your list. See how easy Fabric makes it. Plans start at $6/mo. Coverage starts in about 2 minutes. Check our prices.

Jake Bronstein
Covered in about 2 minutes, plans start at $6/mo.

Life insurance made easy.

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